Harlan Karnofsky

I played every sport imaginable as a kid, and continued this trend through high school where I was recently inducted into the hall of fame and found out I was the last athlete to letter in four different sports. I went on to play football in college, and during my senior year I made a lifetime vow to myself to always keep in shape because i loved how good it felt.

Well, I didn’t really honor my vow for about 10 years, although I was making a feeble attempt at the globe gym. I really hated this time in my life, I was going downhill physically, emotionally and had little motivation. One day my son Jordan, now a trainer himself at Diablo Crossfit calls me and says “Dad! You gotta try this Crossfit thing”. He directed me here, and I was sold immediately. I started slowly, only going once per week for about 6 months until my mobility improved, then to 3 times per week. I remember when I started, I was not able to do an overhead squat with an empty bar, unable to more than 3 pull-ups  and weighing about 25 lbs more.  Four years later, I was lucky enough to qualify for the Crossfit Games in the Masters division. I am still getting stronger and fitter and that keeps me motivated.

I have visited more than a dozen Crossfit gyms, and all I can say is that we are very fortunate to have some of the best and most knowledgeable coaches around.

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