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Saturday June 3 @Noon-2
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Thursday June 1 from 3-7PM

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The Nutrition Overhaul is about teaching you a sustainable and realistic method of fueling your body for success.  The program will give you the pertinent nutrition information you need and give you a framework in which to personalize your own food choices.  Following Dr. Barry Sears’ Zone Diet you will create a plan for yourself that will lead to significant fat loss, increased performance, better energy, faster recovery and most importantly looking better naked.

In regards to body composition, or body fat %, it is your habits that make or break you.  Throughout the 6 week program, the emphasis will be on developing the long term habits vs. making it to the end of the challenge.  When your daily habits are on point, you will be able to afford yourself a certain luxury interacting in social situations without having to be on a diet, having a beer or glass of wine when needed, or having pancakes on a Sunday morning when you just need to splurge.  We don’t have to make nutrition a religion to be successful, we just need to form consistent good habits.  We have seen so many of our members successfully go through this program and create lasting habits for themselves.

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Program Required Reading Material:
Download and print this stuff out vs reading it from a screen. Much of this material will act as a resource for you as you go through this program. Read it carefully for comprehension. It’s not that much reading and it’s not overly scientific. Show your initial commitment to yourself by actually doing your homework on this.  Please bring the articles with you to the seminar.

Avoiding Metabolic Derangement
This article covers very basic nutrition principals that you may already understand but then again maybe not. This is the premise for why we advocate eating the way we do and provides the backbone for proper nutrition.

Glycemic Index by Greg Glassman
If there is one hormone to control in your pathway to fat loss, insulin is the king of them all.  Many foods we think of as “healthy” cause us to release high levels of insulin. Understanding which foods to limit or avoid because of their ability to raise your blood glucose level is a key to success.  If you had a banana and a yogurt for breakfast today, you didn’t start your day as well as you may think you did.

Getting off the Crack by Nicole Carroll
Food is the most powerful drug in existence. Depending on how bad your habits are, you are likely to experience an effect similar to that of a drug addict going through detox. Many people quit nutrition programs during this phase and it’s important to understand that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Once your body chemistry adjusts to your new fuel source, you will feel amazing in a way you likely never have before.

Meal Plans
Sample Zone structures and block charts.

Other Resources:
Block Calculator 2.0

Things You Need
Food Scale
Measuring Cups
Measuring Spoons
Food Storage Containers