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SacTown Throwdown 2014 Event Details

The Qualifying Events

The Byer’s Gymnastics Challenge

The gymnastics event will consist of 4 apparatuses; Balance Beam, Parallel Bars, Floor, and Rings. Each member of the team will start on one of the apparatuses and will have 1 minute to perform the hardest of 10 possible skills. You will be awarded 1 point for the easiest skill and up to 10 points for the hardest possible skill. Only the most difficult skill you successfully perform in the minute will earn points.

At the end of the minute, team members will rotate round robin style to the next apparatus. At the end of 4 minutes after all team members have competed all 4 apparatuses, they will have a 1 minute break before beginning a short metcon TBA.

No shoes are allowed in this event.

Beam Skills and Standards
Parallel Bars Skills and Standards
Floor Skills and Standards
Rings Skills and Standards


No questions will be answered regarding movement standards until you meet your judge at the event. If you think you are cheating the movement, you probably are.

Please use discernment when choosing to attempt new gymnastic elements. If you are unsure of a movement, you should probably consult with an experienced coach and learn a progression. “Hucking” gymnastics movements that you are not prepared for is not recommended. Coaching, proper safety equipment and spotters may be needed to learn new skills safely. Have fun and be safe!

Gymnastics Ladder is worth 25% of your qualifying score, and will be followed by a short mecton that is worth 12.5%

Super Training Strength Challenge

Team Total For:
Max Squat
Max Bench Press

In this event, each team member will perform 2 attempts on the squat and 2 attempts on the bench press. Men will squat first while women bench press, then women will squat while men bench press. After all lifters from a team have taken 2 attempts on both lifts, the total of their successful lifts will be their team score.

Lifts will be judged by powerlifting standards. The squat standard will be judged by the hip crease passing below the top of the knee at the bottom. The bar must return to full standing height in one continuous upward motion without moving the feet. When the “RACK” command is given, the lift will be considered good.

On the bench press, the lifter will be assisted out of the rack and will lower the bar to the chest. The bar must come to a complete pause with no movement. Once the judge sees the bar is still, the “LIFT” command will be given and the lifter will lift the bar back up to a lockout position and show control until the “RACK” command is given. YOUR BUTT MUST STAY IN CONTACT WITH THE BENCH THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE LIFT. Women will be allowed to use 45# plates under their feet on the bench press for leverage.

You may wear belts, knee wraps/sleeves, and wrist wraps. No powerlifting suits/shirts will be allowed and no sleeves covering the elbows are allowed on the bench press.

The event will run similar to an Olympic lifting meet in the sense that lifters will check in with their opening lifts and will lift in order form heaviest to lightest. When you finish your opening lift, you will tell the score table what your next attempt will be and you will lift your second attempt when the weight on the bar reaches that amount.

You may lift whatever you wish in the warmup area before and between lifts. We suggest you start with a modest weight on your opening lift, and we suggest you practice with your team using the lift commands. If you are not used to pausing on the bench press, keeping your ass on the bench, squatting deep and showing control at the top of your lifts, you could get yourself no-repped. You may not want to go for broke on your second attempt either, but we’ll leave all that up to you.

Strenght Challenge is worth 25% of your qualifying score.

CrossFit Anywhere Endurance Challenge

CrossFit Anywhere Endurance Event

AMRAP 40 Minutes
1) Bear Crawl 130m
2) Run 600m
3) Max Row For Meters
4) Rest

On 3, 2, 1 GO the entire team will be standing at their rowing machine. Each team member will take off on one of the stations with one teammate at the rest station. When the bear crawl and the run are finished and all 4 team members touch the rowing machine, everyone will rotate to the next station in order.
Bear Crawl → Run → Row → Rest → Bear Crawl.

Each time the bear crawl and run are finished and all team members touch the rower the team will rotate and a point will be given for the AMRAP score.

The workout will also be scored for meters on the rowing machine.

Rules are simple:
-You may only rotate when all teammates touch the rower simultaneously.
-You may only bear crawl straight forward fully weight bearing on your hands.
-You may kneel or sit, but you may not stand up on two feet while on the bear crawl course. There will be a 3 burpee penalty imposed if a judge catches you standing up.
-Rower Damper will be standardized for all teams at a drag factor of 150. No damper adjustments allowed.

The entire endurance event is worth 25% of qualifying with the AMRAP portion being worth 12.5% and the meters rowed being worth 12.5%.

There will also be a short max effort type event that all teams will perform just before the endurance workout that will be worth another 12.5%.