SacTown ’16 Reg Info

Pre-Registration Open to Past Years Teams on November 15th
(Open Reg on December 1 @ Noon)
Cost $600/6 athlete team

You may sell your team slot to another eligible team, but you will not get a refund on your registration under any circumstances.

Team Regulations:
Teams consist of 3 men and 3 women.
1 Participant must be over 38 years old (Masters Required)
Up To 3 Participants may be from another facility (Ringer athletes allowed, but not required)

All athletes on a team must be paying members or coaches of the facility they represent and must complete more than 1/2 their training at the represented team with the exception of the one allowable ringer athlete per team. All teams must represent a brick and mortar training facility.

You may register for the facility without specifying which athletes will compete.  Podium teams must be ready to prove their team meets above mentioned rules.  If a team is deemed to have broken the regulations for an eligible team, that team will be immediately disqualified and if that team made the podium, prize money will not be awarded to that team.

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After reading carefully, email good questions to
A good question is any that have not been answered on this site already.