Judges and Volunteers

We need LOTS of help to run this production smoothly.  If you are available and interested, please sign up for one of the following positions.  We will be providing shirts and food for our volunteer crew.

Volunteer Positions

Jan 8th – Load In Day Friday Mid-day Moving Crew
11:00AM – 2:00PM
5 Workhorse Type Folks w/Trucks
We will be picking up a few pieces of equipment from a few local gyms and getting it organized at Cal Expo.  We will be directly in contact with you to arrange which location we will meet you and your truck.

Saturday (May register for Sunday as well)
Check-in Tables/ADMIN
9:30M – 4:00PM Saturday
8 Bossy But Friendly Type Folks w/Organizational Skills
Check-in volunteers, athletes and sponsors in the morning.  Sell tickets at the door.  Run check-in tables at events and organize score cards at the various events throughout the day.  Assist sponsors in organizing prizes for award ceremonies.  This is the most thankless and also the most important part of the day.  We will have many more of you than we need so you may take turns getting breaks and enjoying your day.  Nobody will be stuck at a table all day away form the action.

Check-in Tables/ADMIN
9:30AM – 2:00PM Sunday
8 Individuals same description as above

Score Keeping Team Saturday and Sunday
4 Computer geeky, numbers oriented type people wanted.
9:30AM – 5:00PM Saturday and 10:00AM-3:00PM Sunday
Must bring a reliable lap-top computer and power supply.  You guys will transfer the data from our score cards into the live scoring system, and keep score cards in order for review.  Score keeping this year is pretty straight forward and will be posted real-time to our website.  We may need a couple of you to stay on for the finals, but finals will be easy to score as there will be only 8 teams left per division.

Judging Team Saturday (May Register for Sunday as well)
15 Judges
For this we are looking for experienced CrossFit competitors or coaches who love to no rep.

Judging Team Sunday
15 Judges
For this we are looking for experienced CrossFit competitors or coaches who love to no rep.

Competition Floor Helpers Saturday (May Register for Sunday as well)
10 Volunteers
Help setup/change equipment between heats and events.

Competition Floor Helpers Sunday
10 Volunteers
Help setup/change equipment between heats and events.

Load Out Crew
5 Workers with trucks who will be in attendance on Sunday
2:00-3:00pm on Jan 10
At the end of these events, everyone goes home and the organizers are left with a huge pile of equipment and one truck.  Please consider helping with load out.  We might even be able to send you back to your home gym with your home gym’s equipment.

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