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Last Chance Qualies WOD #1 from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

3 Rounds For Time:
Deadlift 275/185
50 Double Unders

Many of you are in this video. Take a minute to look at your form and see how it looks. Overall the form is pretty good. There are some slightly rounded backs and a few chicken necks. The most common flaw is too much weight forward on the toes. See if you can spot what it looks like when that bar takes advantage of the lifter and pulls them forward. If you can manage to keep that weight back, you will make these lifts easier.

Charity/Benefit WODs »

Chad Harris Tribute WOD from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

A great tribute WOD event put on by CrossFit Sonora yesterday for their fallen friend. Many fire fighters, paramedics and police stopped by throughout the day while on duty and the event raised $2500 towards starting the scholarship. The workout was a blast to perform and to watch. Here is a video of Loren doing the workout in fire fighter turnouts. She was the only female of the day to do the WOD as Rx’ed, a fantastic showing.

CF Games Copmpetitions »

Southwest Regoinal Team Comp from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Team CFES in action at the Southwest Regional, taking 6th place and moving on the the Games 2010

Individual WODs »

Girls Doing Fran from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Another installment of CrossFit’s most infamous WOD, Fran, featuring Loren, Cherie, and Angela. Sit back and enjoy the pain.

Athlete Achievements »

Beat The Coaches Thursday from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

For years I looked forward to the day that the people we train would reach a level that pushes us work harder. That day is upon us and has become a reality. There are some legit firebreathers emerging.

Last week I heard talk of some of the guys wanting to get together this Thursday and attempt to do a WOD of their choice to take a shot at the a top spot on the Wall Of Fame. Big Rob wanted to shoot for the top clean and jerk. Josh Stonier wanted to go for the 30 muscle ups for time, and Matt P had his sights set on a top Helen time.

It was awesome watching you guys hit PR’s and strive for the top spot in the CFES record books. Great job to all of you. You really are giving us a run for our money. I think we should start doing this once a month.

Miscellaneous Videos »

3 Stroke Max from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

One of the tests that the Canadian rowing team performs is the 3 stroke max. With the rower pinned down and the fan at a dead stop you pull as hard and fast as possible for the highest peak wattage. It is a great test of max effort instantaneous power output. Some form and technique obviously goes out the window here, but this little test will show you just how far you are from a real deal world class elite rower. Try this a few times and see how you measure up to a 23 year old 6’4″ 225# Olympian, just for fun.

CFES Level 1 Test Material »

Squat Proficiency Test from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Movement Proficiency Test #1 – Squats
The squat is the most fundamental functional movement in. Your ability to squat correctly is nearly a pre-requisite to all other movements. Inability to squat with proper is an indicator of muscle imbalance, lack of mobility, and poor muscle activation. All of these things lead to poor gross movement and can cause injury when performing everyday tasks. Gaining the mobility and control over ones muscles to a degree of proficiency in the squat helps to correct these problems and create a better athlete who is more resilient to injury.

Do not take the squat variations lightly as simple to learn. Although some people will come into the gym and learn the squat quickly, others will struggle. Those who have severely tight or weak posterior muscles will have to work very hard to create a proper squat position. If you find it hard to master the squat, do not despair, just keep working, listen carefully to your coach, and you will get it. The physical benefits you will gain from mastering these movements will prove monumental in your fitness.

Here is a demonstration of what we will be looking for in the test and of the points of performance that we will be watching for to deem you proficient in the squat variations.

Points Of Performance: (apply to all squat variations)
Maintenance of lumbar curve
Weight in heels
Knees out
Full range of motion

5 Reps Air Squat
All points of performance

5 Reps Front Squat 45/33 (3:45)
Proper front rack, bar rests on shoulders, not held in hands
Elbows in front of bar
All points of performance

5 Reps Overhead Squat 45/33 (5:20)
Bar held over back of shoulders
Shoulders active
Elbows locked
All points of performance

Test Demo (9:22)