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Beat The Coaches Thursday from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

For years I looked forward to the day that the people we train would reach a level that pushes us work harder. That day is upon us and has become a reality. There are some legit firebreathers emerging.

Last week I heard talk of some of the guys wanting to get together this Thursday and attempt to do a WOD of their choice to take a shot at the a top spot on the Wall Of Fame. Big Rob wanted to shoot for the top clean and jerk. Josh Stonier wanted to go for the 30 muscle ups for time, and Matt P had his sights set on a top Helen time.

It was awesome watching you guys hit PR’s and strive for the top spot in the CFES record books. Great job to all of you. You really are giving us a run for our money. I think we should start doing this once a month.



Laura B Deadlift PR from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Laura hit her old PR of 245 with ease on the second attempt of her CF Total. She wanted to try 250 next, and I was calling for her to go 260. After convincing her to attempt 260, we quickly loaded the bar and tricked her into lifting 265. This is a great example of what a max effort deadlift should look like. Many CF videos show people lifting heavy deads with their spines about to blow out of their backs, then follow it up with by giving them props on their strength. We don’t play that game round here. Great job Laura at showing us what a max effort with proper lumbar position should look like. Not only are you man strong, but you are keeping yourself safe.

Brooke Crushes Grace from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Brooke Bergeson with a great performance on Grace. 30 clean and jerk for time at the Rx weight of 95#, finishing in 2:53.

Xenia and Ashley Learning To Snatch from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

The snatch is probably the most complex movement we perform in CrossFit, and possibly the most athletic. Learning to snatch poses challenges, but yields great reward in terms of developing the 10 general physical skills. It is a skill that weightlifters spend a lifetime trying to master. We perform any given variation of it a few times a month.

What’s great about learning to snatch is that it helps an athlete become proficient in many other CrossFit exercises. If you can gain some mastery over the snatch, many other things will come easier to you. Of course you are going to have to learn the over head squat first, but OHS has significant benefits too.

Xenia and Ashley teamed up for a series of appointments to learn how to snatch. We systematically were able to start with the most fundamental understanding of the movement and progress to more advanced skills and drills. By the end of three appointments, they have developed some proficiency in the movement and as they continue training, you will witness them get better, handling heavier weights as they go.

The main purpose of this training is to develop a significantly important CrossFit movement that will be used more and more effectively in our workout of the day. The training, at least, at this point is not focused on trying to lift the heaviest weight. The goal is to develop a highly effective tool, that they will be able to put to better use, when it comes up in the program.

If you really want to get better at Olympic lifting, pull ups, handstands, running, rowing or whatever you may struggle with, talk to one of the coaches and set up an appointment or series of appointments to work on your skills. Ultimately it will help make you a better CrossFitter and allow you to get even more out your workouts.

Anne Gets The Muscle Up from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

The streak of female muscle up continues! Great job Anne! Who is going to keep this streak alive?

Amy Slays The Muscle Up from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Amy became the 5th female member of the muscle up club. Who’s next?

Cori Muscles Up from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Cori obtains holy grail of CrossFit gymnastics, the muscle up.

Big Effen Jerks from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

The 300# jerk has been a long time goal of mine ever since I started Olympic lifting. It was one of those lofty goals that you hope one day to achieve, but never really think is going to happen. It finally happened! Then the very next hour Big Rob came in and showed me up at 305#. The first two CFES’ers joined the 300 overhead club in one day! Never doubt yourselves, just keep working, celebrate small PR’s and with persistence over the long haul you can reach your most outrageous goals.

Judi Deadlifts Games Style from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Judi Farmer, 62 with only 2 months of CrossFit experience demonstrates some serious strength. Since we deadlift all the time at CFES, Judi has had a good amount of deadlift exposure in her 2 months here. She had a 3 rep max at 95# a couple weeks ago so we conservatively estimated her 1 rep max at 115 and started her bar at about 60% or 70#. After the first lift she added 5# to the bar each lift and lifted once every 30 seconds. Judi is a bit inconsistent with her approach to the bar, but when she goes through all the steps correctly and gets a proper setup, she is very strong. In the video you hear me cueing her through each step. Judi made 17 successful lifts and we stopped her at 150#! She was plenty strong enough to lift more, but her core endurance was wearing down and she was starting to lose form a bit. A 150# deadlift is an amazing lift for Judi and we are in no rush to see her lift heavier. The focus from here will be on gaining consistency in technique and form. As this comes she will be gaining the mid-line strength and the hip mobility to maintain better positioning. As we see this develop, we will encourage Judi to lift towards her true strength potential. For now fantastic job and keep up the strong work.

Justin – Max Snatch from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

My body felt beat up and the WOD called for 3 rep max overhead squat which I had just done 4 days earlier. Warmed up with some jogging, and mobility followed by a barbell complex of snatch movements. For fun I threw on 95# and did some snatches from different positions. It felt good so I got fired up and decided to go for a 1 rep max. First time full snatching in 3 months and got a 10# PR at 210. Should have stopped there, but I was feeling great so I attempted 215 three times missing all three before throwing in the towel.

CFES Max Height Box Jumps from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

When we finally decided to go for it on max height box jumps, the results were surprising. People jumped much higher than they expected. Many of the men were able to ad height to the 42″ podium. Many of the women were able to get 36″+. Travis steals the show at 56″, which is about shoulder height. Here is a quick highlight reel of the jumps that day.

Cort Gets A PR Jerk from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

It is awesome to see our CFES women lifting barbells heavier than most men can pick up over their heads. Here is Cortney Martellucci with an outstanding lift. Cort, you are just starting to tap into the strength that you have inside you. Keep up the good work and continue to watch those PR’s roll in.

3 First Muscle Ups In One Day from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Calvin Wang, Derek Jones, and Larry Johnson all got their first muscle up all in one day. We worked through a number of skills and drills to develop the movement, and bam! Muscle Ups! Great work guys. As for the rest of you, you know what to work on if you want to get there. Get to work, you are all strong enough.

CFES Max Back Squats from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

This video contains most everyone’s Max Back Squat from Wednesday August 26th 2009. Here is a good chance to see what types of mistakes we all are making. The most common errors seen is the knees coming together, rushing into the bottom, and weight getting too far froward. Max loads amplify mistakes. Overall the squats are relatively good and all of you are getting really strong. Keep up the good work, dial in the form and technique and we will all continue to get stronger.

Loren’s 1st Attempt At Max Snatch from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

After completing MaD’s Oly Skillz Workshop on Saturday it was time to put the new skills to the test. We started by finding a max snatch push press to overhead squat, then found a max muscle snatch, then a max snatch balance. After all that we were ready to snatch. Loren set the new female gym record snatch at 83#. Really good for a 1st attempt. She has potential to improve quickly with a little practice, and she will need to as we know the rest of you will be gunnin’ for that top spot on the wall-o-fame.

Loren’s 1st Muscle Up from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

The Qualifiers called for muscle ups and the decision of scaled or Rx’d must be made by tomorrow. Loren decided to come in and spend some extra time working on the muscle up and nailed it. 4 in 10 minutes to qualify might still be a stretch, but an awesome achievement none the less.

Brooke Gets The Muscle Up from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Brooke Kiefer is quickly becoming a firebreather. Coming to us with an accomplished college soccer career and a former strength and conditioning coach at Denver University, Brooke is one of the most aggressive competitors at our gym. Relentless effort got her the coveted muscle up in a short period of time. I predict she will be a CrossFit Games Qualifier by next year.

Satin Split Jerks from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Coming to us with good flexibility gives yo a chance to get really strong much faster that the average person. Satin with an intense yoga background is able to jerk 205 with less than 3 months of experience Olympic lifting.

Xenia Loses It from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Xenia Schwed loses her pull up virginity at the age of 53 years old after 4 months of doing CrossFit

CFES Heavy Thrusters from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

The thruster epitomizes the functional movement. A natural movement with great ability to move large load over long distance quickly. It is hard to mach to power output potential for the thruster. Gaining the ability to handle heavy thrusters will greatly increase one’s ability to produce optimal power output in a met con WOD.

Pat’s Progress 3 Months In from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

It is impressive to see a new CrossFitter overhead squat his body weight and almost stick a 42 inch box jump.

Tom Ellison Split Jerks from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

College student and level 1 certified Tom Ellison was visiting home from Colgate University for Christmas break. He spent a lot of time with us, shadowing and helping coach classes. He went for a max split jerk one of the days and got a PR at 230.

CFES Deadlifts from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

This was our first day letting the gang attempt max deadlifts. Form looked great at sub maximal loads, not shown here. Unfortunately at max loads there was significant rounding of the low backs. We will keep working on it. Nobody was injured during the making of this video.

Steve Eggert Split Jerks from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Here is a guy who’s doc told him he would never be able to overhead press again due to shoulder injury and bone spurs. Well doc it appears you are wrong as Steve-O gets 175 over head for 3 reps

Ben’s Clean and Jerk PR from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Ben Cheever, 14 years old gets a PR C&J at 70#. One month later he has improved that to 83#.

Parker 1st Muscle Up from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

See an exciting moment in our box as Parker Ksidakis pulls off his 1st muscle up.