Individual WODs

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CF Games 2010 Event 5 Re-enactment from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

I can’t imagine what this WOD must have felt like to the individual athletes in the games as their 5th scored event within 48 hours of starting. I wouldn’t say that my time on this WOD is comparable to the individuals in the Games, because there is no judge, and I hadn’t been going balls to the wall for the last two days. Actually after watching it I am pretty sure I would have had to redo some reps. But seriously, ring handstand push ups? Well somebody had to do it so here it is.

Girls Doing Fran from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Another installment of CrossFit’s most infamous WOD, Fran, featuring Loren, Cherie, and Angela. Sit back and enjoy the pain.

Training For Sectionals from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Cori, Liz and Angela take on the deadlift burpee workout from the Ohio sectional. Weight vests are a miserable addition to a WOD. Not only do they weigh you down , but they significantly restrict breathing. Great job ladies on a tough WOD.

Travis and Loren Practice For Qualies from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

The event is short but brutal. Hard to manage the overhead presses after exhaustion ans muscle fatiguing rowing and burpees. Both athletes approached the wod a bit on the conservative side and we expect to see faster times next weekend.

Justin Heavy Met Con from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

5-4-3-2-1 of:
Deadlift 315
Snatch 155
Muscle Up

I was so worried about the snatch in the first round I actually ended up doing six of them successfully after missing a couple. By the end of the WOD my snatch got more consistent and two days later I took my PR snatch from 185 to 195. The WOD was at about 85% of my best snatch and 75% on the deadlift, so it could have been much higher output with lighter weights, but the point was to go relatively heavy under pressure. We will see how max Deadlifts goes next week.

Larry Johnson “Fit as F***!” from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

This was a little tribute video to one of our members who has show outstanding progress in a few months of training. At 47 years old with 3 serious disc issues in his back Larry has diligently maintained his flexibility and learned to do the fundamental exercises with a high level of mastery. Larry is following Zone eating habits with fantastic results. Way to go Larry.

Fran Off II from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Loren Feil and Cherie Nabeta face off for the second time in Fran. Both PR by about 2 minutes

Erika “The Terminator” Jones Does Karen from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

150 Wall Ball Shots for time with a 12# med ball to a 9 foot high target in world record time. 5:06

Loren, Cherie and Brian Intense WOD from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

These three go for it all out. See what intensity should look like and sound like. 500m row followed by 5 rounds of: 5 heavy jerks and 10 kb swing, end with another 500m row.

Travis Does Kalista from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

“Kalista” is the name sake Wod from a 14 year old bad ass girl who competed in the 2008 CrossFit games. The final event, 30 squat clean and jerk was 100 lbs for women, the same as Kalista’s body weight. Here Travis, weighing in at 155 does the same WOD with a little visit from our favorite mascot Pukie right as he finishes. Good Stuff.

Jim Siler Row/Wall Ball from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

75 years young, Jim Siler does a scaled WOD in which he has 5 two minute rounds to row 200m and get as many wall ball shots as possible before taking a 1 minute rest. Jim has two total knee replacements. So what’s your excuse now?

Travis Does 5 Ton Hammer from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

This is a HEAVY Wod with 155# squat cleans and 300# deadlifts. This is a Tough one.

Justin Does The Bear from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Justin demos some different variations then does a successful bear at 155, and 3 rounds at 185.

Nabeta’s Running Grace from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Brian and Cherie Nabeta do a version of Grace with running mixed in.