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Running Form Examples from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

The CF Endurance cert was a fantastic experience. Attempting to master the techniques of efficient running was similar to trying to learn to snatch for the first time, so much to think about and a long ways to go.

The video shows 3 of the coaches who taught the Cert. First is Tim Hill, owner of CrossFit San Ramon, who is an accomplished Nordic skier and a Pose Level 3 certified coach. Next is Sheri Keener who is a trainer at CrossFit North Santa Cruz and is a highly accomplished marathoner. Then Brandon Mahoney who runs San Francisco endurance and is a world class 800m sprinter. Lastly there is myself.

The clips all show a slow motion run by then, a cycle with still shots at the landing position, the position where the foot is directly beneath the body, and when the foot is being pulled off the ground.

The keys to efficient running are to have well aligned tall posture keeping the entire body as relaxed as possible, to lean slightly forward from the ankle so gravity can pull you forward, to have the foot strike on the ball of the foot as close to directly under the body as possible with, and to get the foot straight up off the ground as quickly as possible without pushing out the back. The knees should never completely extend, and the foot cadence should be high (between 90-100 cycles per minute) to take full advantage of ground reaction forces.

The whole idea is to take advantage of the physics of running. To let gravity propel you forward while minimizing the amount of movement and effort you have to expend to run. Most people run with a devastating heel strike and poor posture leaning forward at the hip instead of the ankle. These things cause the body to slow down and take a huge impacts with every foot strike which leading to inefficiency and injury. Most of you will see this when I bust out the video cameras on you.

Take a look at the coaches, minus myself, in the video and try to depict what good running positions look like. I am going to be doing the best I can to try and get you all running faster with less effort. Bear with me through this tedious process and we will all come out the other side with better run times.

3 Stroke Max from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

One of the tests that the Canadian rowing team performs is the 3 stroke max. With the rower pinned down and the fan at a dead stop you pull as hard and fast as possible for the highest peak wattage. It is a great test of max effort instantaneous power output. Some form and technique obviously goes out the window here, but this little test will show you just how far you are from a real deal world class elite rower. Try this a few times and see how you measure up to a 23 year old 6’4″ 225# Olympian, just for fun.

Clowing Around At CFES from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Josh shows us how to ride the unicycle while throwing in some upper body strength movements. Who says we don’t know how to have fun around here?

CFES Max Height Box Jumps from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

When we finally decided to go for it on max height box jumps, the results were surprising. People jumped much higher than they expected. Many of the men were able to ad height to the 42″ podium. Many of the women were able to get 36″+. Travis steals the show at 56″, which is about shoulder height. Here is a quick highlight reel of the jumps that day.

When Your Plyo Box Is Too Short from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Matt and Donna’s friend Dallas was visiting the area from New Hampshire and has a fetish for box jumping cop cars. We just happened to have a cop car in the parking lot. What a coincidence. Don’t try this at home.

MaD Skillz Oly Workshop from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

A progression of the snatch taught by Matt and Donna Dyson of MaD CrossFit.

Feb-March 2009 Slide Show from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Collected shots from Feb and March

CFES Women Pull Ups from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

The women in our gym are tougher than the men in your gym.

Random Acts of Exercise from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

A random compilation of the last couple months training.

The First 4 Months from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Here’s to all our members for all your support on helping our Dreams come true. You all make this place fantastic

200m Tire Flip from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Justin flipping the BFT 200m with 10 box jumps on to the tire every 10 flips.

Hayes Girls Row/Burpee from CrossFit East Sac on Vimeo.

Greg Hayes brought his dauguters by to see dad’s gym. We decided to give them a taste of CrossFit. They had to row 200m and do 20 burpees. Nobody did 20 burpees, but it is entertaining none the less.